Cyber-defense Swiss Made

In response to the lack of cyberdefense solutions accessible to Swiss SMEs and public administrations, Agam Security founders have created new-generation solutions responding to all types of cyber-threats.

Agam Security is an independent Swiss company providing proprietary, all-included, cyber-defense solutions. Our products are Swiss made.

We ensure the security of our private and public clients by offering them the best possible defense stemming from our field experience and more than 20 years in cyber-protection R&D.

We offer:

  • A multi-dimensional approach of your stakes, by helping you identify your vulnerabilities and define your risk profile
  • A self-defense system, through raising the awareness of your collaborators and training of your IT teams on managing cyber-threats
  • A high-level technical and organizational expertise, through a security audit
  • Tools matched to your ecosystem, with advanced cyber-defense technology

Agam Security supports its clients in implementing a cyber-security strategy aimed at providing their critical assets and know-how.

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