Security Audit

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The need for public and private organizations to incorporate cyber-security in their development strategies

Companies can no longer live in a closed ecosystem. They must invest in digitizing their environment if they want to maintain their competitive position in the market.

At the same time, the exponential development of connected application and the interconnection of different actors expose SMEs and public administrations to an ever growing cyber-risk.

They must upgrade their current security system to include the cyber-threat dimension in order to guarantee the continuity of their operations and preserve their know-how.

From ingenious resourcefulness to a thought-through strategy

All companies are interesting for cyber-criminals who have multiple motivations. That’s why they must consider cyber-security as a domain of its own and implement cyber-policies and governance that are adapted and durable.

Investing in a cyber-security audit will enable you to :

  • Build an efficient defense shield against cyber-threats
  • Keep control of the security of your Information Systems
  • Optimize the investment in security in function of your growth

A secure architecture is a combination between the chosen solutions and their parametrization

A security audit must answer the following questions :

  • Which assets must be protected?
  • How are they protected?
  • Who is responsible for their protection?
  • What are the available resources?
  • What is the organization’s internal security policy?

Your cyber-defense architecture matched to hackers methods

Agam Security analyzes and reevaluates the current state of your defense system through:

  • A complete scan of your information systems
  • A detection of viruses and vulnerabilities
  • A check of security procedures
  • A check of compliance of the security procedures

We will deliver a detailed report contining a description of the current state of security, recommendations to optimize the architecture and for the installation of cyber-protection technologies adapted to your needs.

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