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diagnostic & Intrusion test

Swiss SMEs and public administrations are privileged targets

In 2015, a 38% growth of cyber-attacks was recorded worldwide. More than 250’000 affect every day Swiss companies for damages estimated at more than 200 million Swiss Francs per year. This number is constantly increasing!

Companies are faced with two problems: procure effective defense and detection equipment and correctly evaluate the risk and potential economic impact of an attack.

Anticipating the threat can save you useless costs!

All companies are not specifically targeted, but they are all potential targets. The multiple motivations of hackers are grouped in three types:

Cyber-spying: theft of sensitive information, installation of spyware

Cyber-sabotage: disruption of current activities, destruction of infrastructures

Cyber-criminality: extortion (ransomware), credit-card fraud, identity theft

Early detection of your vulnerabilities, and adaptation of your defense system can help you avoid financial and operational consequences, as well as damage to your image that could lead to loss of confidence by your clients.

Using advanced intrusion techniques coupled to a battle-tested experience will bring you a complete mapping of your vulnerabilities, without interfering with your standard activities.

A framework will be strictly defined to specify the test duration, the level of access, the technologies used and the objectives.

We will be able to:

  • List security flaws and exploitable vulnerabilities
  • List accessible sensitive information
  • Test the effectiveness of your current intrusion detection
  • Evaluate the employees’ reactivity during a real-time attack

The objective is to identify the different intrusion paths available on your networks, and to define what kind of information hackers could use in a real attack on your systems.

Identify. Analyze. Diagnose

A clear view of your vulnerabilities allows to better understand them and to invest effectively in the defense of critical assets

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