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Cybersecurity, a financial, human & technology choice!

More than 30% of intrusions are caused by a faulty action by a collaborator. It takes on average 240 days to detect an infection, usually by a third party.

Cyber-security is not only a question of technology but relies on a global approach in which it is critical to integrate the hackers favorite target: personnel.

Investing in the training of your collaborators is therefore essential to increase the security of your organization.

Investing on your employees today is tantamount to savings on the long term for your organization !

Involuntarily, your employees can be a major factor of your vulnerability. It is thus critical to raise their awareness and to train them on methods and technologies used by hackers.

All your collaborators participate in reinforcing your organization’s security as they provide feedback to the IT team in charge of cyber-security. They help you:

  • Reduce risk by knowing how to avoid traps
  • Quickly refer any sign of intrustion to the IT team

Optimize your security system by continuous internal communication on everyone’s activity

Organization, structure and stakes are different from one company to the next. Training should be too!

Agam Security proposes made-to-measure trainings adapted to the profile of each organization. We take into account the organization’s structure, its functioning and its available resources.

Our trainings are intended for employees at all levels of your company, from raising awareness to the specific training of the IT personnel to crisis management in case of attack.

What kind of cyber training do you need ?