Leverage with Artificial Intelligence & Automated Threat Management

Predict. Detect. Eliminate. Adapt

Procurement of an adapted and affordable cyber-defense, a challenge for all organizations !

With the growth of digitization, the professionalization of hackers coupled to the ever-more ingenious and complex methods and technologies they use, current defense system quickly become obsolete.

SMEs and public administrations must find solutions that are able to prevent, detect and eliminate risks while quickly evolving.

Acquiring such a defense system can require an important investment, but not so much!

All-in-one defense!

The Agam-297 is an Agam Security proprietary appliance, which runs with 297 advanced defense softwares in parallel.

It filters all incoming and outgoing data flows to a company, by integrating in a single appliance all the necessary services, such as: Firewall, Antivirus, IPS / IDS, mail security, Web / FTP.

4 major types of intrusion 

Intrusion by WEB

When the user clicks on a link, it unknowingly loads a virus

Intrusion by E-Mail

An attachment or a link contains a virus that is loaded on the destination machine

Intrusion by Protocol

the hacker finds an opening and enters the port to gain control of the computer

Attack Denial of Service

One or more computers make repeated requests to a server to bring it down

Block by artificial intelligence

These 4 types of intrusion are usually treated separately, by a dedicated appliance, as well as by internal security procedures.

Our solutions tackles them all at once and offers a defense that blocks up to 95% of cyber-attacks, without interfering with standard operations.

In addition, our appliance is capable to protect itself against attacks, and contains an advanced predictive function that blocks attacks before they can affect your organization.


Intrusion by Protocol Active directory (Hardening Security Operating System)
Zone démilitarisé
Détection & prévention d’intrusion
Blacklisting des adresses IP à travers la détection des pré-attaques
DNS proxy/routing
Anti-phishing protection
Shell codes and payload
Backdoor blocking
Intrusion by Web HTTP and FTP proxies
HTTPS filtering
Transparent proxy support
Authentification: Local, RADIUS, Active Directory, LDAP
NTLM single sign-on
Filtration par groupe/utilisateur
Time-based access control
Infected links
Black lists (over 100 million URL)
White lists
DNS integrity
Intrusion by Email SMTP, POP and IMAP proxies
Anti-spam filtering (Bayes, pattern-matching, Sender Policy Framework)
Virus par attachment (detection of unwanted code in .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls files)
Predict. Understand. Evolve

20 years of field experience and R&D a the service of Swiss SMEs and public administrations!

The Ultimate Cyberdefense Box is an evolutive solution adapted to the numerous challenges of your company to ensure a controlled and durable development.

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