Swiss Knife of Network Security Automation

Safety. Accessibility. Growth.

Cyber-defense is a major challenge for companies integrity and sustainable growth!

Agam Security is the first independent Swiss company to create a network defense appliance for entreprises & public administrations.

Our unique technology uses Artificial Intelligence and is built on a Matrix Defense Architecture. Agam-AI is a complete cybersecurity solution capable of detecting and blocking automatically the most sophisticated cyber attacks in the world including zero-day attacks.

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Diagnostic & Intrusion Test

Reduce your risk through a preventative approach


Sensitization & Training

Security also requires company culture


Security Audit

Durable growth requires mastery of one’s security



Economic and technology effectiveness at the heart of the solution

Knowledge. Anticipation. Evolution

Cyber-protection matched to the attack

Knowing how hackers behave, think, and act and mastering their technologies is the key to an effective cyber-defence.

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Share. Communicate.

A network of experts to rely on

Building a network of cyber-experts enables the sharing of knowledge and participates in the protection of critical assets for PMEs and public administrations

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Informtion. Share. Optimize

How to remain proactive and up-to-date in cyber-security ?

To keep a step ahead in the security of your organization, we regularly share the most important news about cyber subjects.

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